These last fifteen days have made many things much clearer, and understanding, much sharper. We’ve touched together, as a group and as individuals, with very true guides, many questions that I’ve been asking myself for a few years now. I’m looking forward to learning more and developing, to being a more joyful and true person, through different books of wise people, through other amazing people, and threw my own experience and thoughts (especially if I keep on meditating!). I know that my learning from this course will accompany me for much longer. Each day more and more understanding will sink in and slowly take out all the illusory roots. The strongest feeling that accompanied me these last fifteen days was love – seeing you guys give so much out of yourselves to help others find their own way. All of this with sincerity, open heart and a big loving smile. I’ve learnt not only from the meditations and the philosophy, but also from the beauty of the two of you.
These past fifteen days were built from many foggy moments as well as moments of pure clarity. I understand again that all the answers are within me, the truth is there, it’s just hidden behind the never ending flow of thoughts. Once I control these thoughts, once I stop their flow, the truth reveals itself with all its beauty and light. That is the essence of meditation in my eyes.
Although I still feel the technique itself is not fully stable in my mind, I know it’s something that I can resolve by sitting and concentrating on it a bit more. I have got many other benefits out of this retreat. I feel now a part of this beautiful creation, a manifestation of energy, inside nature. When I’m meditating, I feel only the energies and not the physical body itself; I’m feeling that I am a part of the truth, a part of the one truth? Today, when I was blessing and thanking for the food, I thought everything in nature has a cause or a role. The sun, animals, rain, wind, plants, each and everyone has a part to fill in this big machine; everyone has a part in making this world as complete and perfect as it is. Then, what is my role? What is my destiny? Will I ever know? It’s clear to me that I have one for the time – to be happy and loving to one and all. Other things will reveal themselves when it’s time.
After this evening’s question and answer session, I came to realize the truth in what you said about knowledge from past lives. I myself told just this to James a few days ago. All these beliefs and understandings are very new to me, but still I feel comfortable with them. It feels like coming home, revealing the forgotten truth. I can’t think of a better way to finish my beautiful trip in India. This has been an amazing experience and I want to thank you again for dedicating your precious time to sharing this knowledge with others. May all of us live in peace, joy and be full of love.
Thank you very much. You are in my heart.”