“I realize that I was correct in my thinking that I was ready to commit to a guided meditation course. James was also correct when he warned me that anger, frustration, discomfort and painful realizations would occur in me during the retreat. I experienced them all. Let me say now that I am extremely appreciative to Ajay and Suruchi for helping me through these struggles. Your responses and answers were right on – void of conditioning, bias and ego and full of Truth.
In the past, I have come to know the Truth in very important and stressful conditions, but I always took the long way home, so to speak. At times, in these quests for truth, I would lose myself down side streets and alleys, incorrectly interpreting the detour as truth. The last fifteen days have given me a road map of sorts (to stick with the weak analogy) for the maze of truths and untruths in my head. I look forward to cultivating this mental yoga and discovering truths in my life. I accept that the road ahead will not be smooth as Ajay and Suruchi will not be there to help me sort through confusion, anger and frustration, as soon as it crops up. Unfortunately, my attachment to them will not bring me truth, understanding or lasting happiness, but I’ll forever remain grateful to them and thank them each time I am charting unexplored territory of the mind alone!”