Where did the last fifteen days go? Was it really fifteen days? How beautiful! It seems that living in the moment has eluded the passage of time.
Fifteen days in reflection have provided such a wonderful opportunity to apply the techniques from the previous weeks’ retreats. Fifteen days have provided for greater insights as to who I am and the reality of what surrounds me.
I have experience myself on a new level and the journey is just beginning. For the first time in my life, that I was awake to remember, I have had moments of pure existence, just being. This is a glimmer of what I wish and aspire to become.
The last days have strengthened me both physically and mentally. Though an hour and a half of sitting still pains me (and probably will always), I find that I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to use this rock to strengthen my endurance. My mind is no longer a runway freight train but a calmer gentler device that is starting to see the wisdom of just being and enjoying it.
The past fifteen days have reaffirmed my reversed conditionings. I do not just know that it is okay for me to be me; I am experiencing it – strengthening my belief in myself. The last 5 days have provided an invaluable time to practice in a suitable environment.
Thank you Z meditation for providing me with not only the tools to grow, but the environment too. Your kind smiles and large hearts are the nurturing environment I sought, so I could plant the seeds in god soil knowing that the seeds will grow into a strong tree.

So often our best interests are like delicate seeds that require maintenance, love and suitable environment to grow. How often was it that I threw my seeds on rocks and sand and yet no matter how attentive I was, the wind blew away my best efforts. The same is true when fertile ground was sought and found but after the seeds were planted, I just didn’t care anymore. For once, the harvest is ready to be sown. The seeds are planted; the roots are growing already deeper than I have seen. It is up to me to continue to cultivate and nurture so that one day the fruits will be ready to eat even though it won’t matter to me if I eat them or not by then. It is wonderful to learn so much about myself and others in the course. It demonstrates that many people seek the seeds and fertile ground. I am happy to have witnessed so many people becoming their own farmers. My resolutions from last course have not changed and are very much relevant in my life and maintaining my path. I have read them every morning (first thing) when I get up. They really are a source of inspiration.”
Thank you very much.