Thank you for the beautiful Mantras and the meditation technique. At times, I have struggled as I am not used to sitting. I had pain in my knees and back. I realized I was not accepting what is. However, when Ajay said the turnaround “I accept pain”, my mind said a strong ‘no’, and I realized how strongly I was resisting pain.
One day, I had a stiff back and sore knees; so I did some stretches and yoga, but too vigorously and injured a vertebra in my back. Sitting went from discomfort to painful; what you resist, persists. I had to laugh as by resisting pain, I had made it worse. I could understand the lesson and got the point.
Having spent the last 12 years in the army has resulted in a painful back and although I have tried healing it, but with no success. I realize now that I can’t heal it while resisting the pain. Thank you for this realization for me. It is important.
When reciting the Mantras, I could feel the blissful joy of myself saying, “Yes, yes this is true! Peace, love, completeness” ; so simple, so beautiful.
Mindful eating the food was excellent and tasted great – thanks and blessings to the cooks. It made me aware that I usually overeat and I am quite attached to cakes!
I really liked the creative meditation and looked forward to it each day.

Many thanks and blessings.
May you be blessed with good physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, wisdom, prosperity, love and laughter. Peace and harmony, oneness in the divine.”
Thank you very much.