“Promises I make to myself:
Do meditation regularly; do yoga and all other actions (breathing, eating, bathing etc.) with awareness.
Enjoy every moment of life, celebrate it.
Deepen the peace and love inside myself that I experienced in the last few days.
I won’t think of other people’s opinion; I’ll think for myself and make decisions which are good for me.
Try to detach more from external things – from objects, persons, outer circumstances.
Spread love around me, but for the sake of love only. I’ll be happy without being imprisoned by expectations.
I’m free, now and forever. And I’ll keep on being free.
Yes, I won’t give up this state of quietness and independence. Only I know what is good for me and no one can take away this knowledge from me or stop me from living it – neither myself nor any other person.
I won’t step into anyone else’s business as this neither helps me nor him/her. I will spread love and I will help when someone needs my help. I’ll always be there especially for my friends and family, but I won’t impose my help, propositions etc.
I’ll try to understand my feelings like anger, fear, sadness and after the understanding, drop them as they are unnecessary. Why worry? I will go on loving myself and accepting myself and enjoying the divinity all around me.
I know it won’t be easy to let go of all the conditionings, values and habits, but now the beginning is made and even this little step gave me so much joy, peace and clarity.

Thank you so much.