My last fifteen days at the Z Meditation Center were very meaningful for me. Before coming here, I felt like I had lost a little bit of balance and order in my life. In these fifteen days, I have tried to eat better, sleep enough, and I have not neglected my health. So, the fact that I had 3 meals a day, a good night sleep, time to read, write and a lot of time to think… was great.
Second, a few things that I have forgotten came back to my head and I hope to my life. I like the things that are really important to me – living in the moment, giving myself a chance to love myself and not criticize others, let go of fears… I also understood that I need to listen to myself, and understand my thoughts more deeply. I remember again the things that I already discovered but forgot that I had – to let go of the attachments, not to hold to the pain, and to send love and respect to everybody.
And in these last fifteen days, I remembered that I don’t want to suffer anymore. I want to be happy and peaceful. Thank you so much Ajay and Suruchi for helping me understand these things, for teaching me this wonderful technique of meditation, for taking care of me when I was sick. I won’t forget this experience for a long time…

Thank you very much.