The past fifteen days have been perfect. I feel as though I’ve been given the most beautiful gift; that I’ve given myself a beautiful gift. What a joy!
I feel, at last, after window-shopping for peace for years that I have found it. Now that I have this tool, everything else will fall into place. It has already fallen into place. I feel privileged and grateful to have been introduced to this meditation technique.
I feel now that I can lead my life in clarity; and with purpose. The technique fits in so well with my ideals. I feel sure that I’ll be able to incorporate it easily into my daily life.

I’ve experienced a lot of emotions and learnt a great deal. I’ve injected energy into my being through pranayama, a gift in itself. For someone who normally breathes so shallow, I found the practice a little overwhelming at times. I fully intend to expand / improve with this skill as I feel certain that it has helped me considerably, and will continue to do so, given the chance.
It’s been a lesson that meditation doesn’t have to be a laborious slog. It can be joy- filled. In fact should be. Instead of being told that “you will be happy when you have dealt with this… until then be equanimous”, you are given permission to feel joy!? As I am essentially optimistic, this obviously appeals to my nature. If you don’t feel happy doing something, why bother? I feel as though I want to share this gift with others, and to continue practicing myself. I am certain that this work has increased my peace, love, joy and balance.”
Thank you.