I’ve really enjoyed my journey the last few days. Learning pranayama and yoga, which I have never done before, was a pleasure. I haven’t felt so relaxed for years, as I have after doing these two – much better than a joint!
Then learning the meditation technique – I struggled at first, until Ajay went through a few of everybody’s conditionings. Then it clicked, as if a light switched on – my beliefs and thoughts and expectations are totally outrageous, not possible, and no true. I started seeing the world with new eyes. Is that why I haven’t truly been happy? I think so. Understanding that my notions and expectations of people have been wrong is a big step in the right direction. I had a realization here that I’m here alone in this world. It is time to get love and strength from inside, not outside. What an important lesson/truth/realization.
Meeting you both (A+S) has been beautiful. I thank god for bringing me here, and for his work that you do. Thank you both as well. Every time I look at you both, I can’t help but smile. Closing my eyes and hearing you say the Shanti Mantras, opened my heart a little. Hearing you speak, I only heard the truth. I’m happy hearing the truth and this is all I want.

I have only known meditation to be sitting in pain, waiting for glimpses of silence/peace, struggling at times to remain equanimous. Now I realize it’s a 24 hour a day way of life.
And learning the mantras – more importantly feeling the mantras – Wow! At times everything made sense to me. I could feel the pure joy and truth and I take this experience/knowledge with me. Every day went fast – I enjoyed the course and found it a very good mix for me – the meditation, pranayama, yoga, creative meditation – a good balanced combination for me.
Of course I had some personal rough times — old shit coming to the surface. Sitting with eyes closed, feeling terrible, scared, out of control – but luckily I knew these moments would pass, so they were not so bad. I was happy to let them go. I even cried on the roof after a yoga session — big release! I needed that.
I laughed a lot in the retreat – we all have. I do feel more ‘whole’ now than before. I am looking forward to and even excited about life now.
You two are special people for setting up the Z Meditation Course. I like the technique, and you‘ve taught me to be aware – to snap out of my dreams and I am such a day dreamer.
Thank you. I thank you teachers and thank god.”
“Om shanti shanti shanti.”
P.S. Food was great. Thank the Chef.