I have given myself one of the most beautiful gifts. I could receive silence — this silence you find up in the pass at 5000 meters. This eternal silence is always here. You never listen to the music of everlasting peace when your mind is agitated. In this silence, I saw myself sitting quietly, listening to myself. So, gently, for fifteen days, I sat by and listened; listened to the quiet sound of the breath, to the dedicated show of its deep thoughts and feelings, to the music of the residing peace and unconditional love.
For fifteen days, my dear self has sung to my ear, to my eyes, to my heart, the sweet song of my inner silence. Like the song a mother sings to a child before he goes to bed, this one will never leave me again.
For fifteen days, I went up to the roof and looked at the mountain standing still, over viewing McLeod ganj valley. For all that time I observed it, I was watching its immovable balance, its strength through a storm as well as through a burning sun; facing the wind without any cluttering, standing there in peaceful completeness.
In the meditation room, I’ve tried to sit like this mountain, to behave like it… a long learning ahead of me. A mountain is not permanent, Felix. It grows over a million years and slowly goes.
Now, I want to become a mountain. I want to become mountain to sit on top of that one.
In these last fifteen days, I was given a list of questions. A list of questions to make me realize I knew the answers to my most enigmatic own questions. Just inquire, question and witness the mind. All the evidences are there, just like on the scene of a miserable crime. Take off the dust and you will see the clear footprints of a desperate conditioning.
I was served on a silver plate, the golden key to the main door of my treasure. I leave with the key. Now on, it will be up to me either to save the key for the later, or to open the door forever and find the strength and will to guard my treasure from all lethargy. Life, give me strength and will.

Thank you so much Ajay and Suruchi for the golden key, the mountain and the silence. All love and respect to you both forever.”