“Funny you ask that, I was just writing a letter to my sister about it.
It was not a joy ride! When I got here, I thought I am going to learn how to do meditation. But I was offered much more. I was offered a new way of life. In a way, the ‘laws of peace’ is something that I always knew. It is so simple and yet so hard. What is, is beautiful! But living it in life – that is a whole new story. All my adult life I have told myself to accept the reality. But it didn’t work. Now, I am going to try it in a new way – through meditation. I have already seen the results. It is so wonderful!
It is true what you said – it is like going to a gym. It is very hard in the beginning, it is painful, and you don’t see results. So you need to believe in yourself in order to continue. The way that you showed me sounds right and feels right. I am going to try it. It was fun being with myself for 5 days.
One more thing that gave great results is the eating meditation. I was enjoying the food so much better and the taste was also so good.
No matter what happens later, but I can say in this moment that this was a great gift to myself. You told us love without expectations, and I really felt the same love from you.

Thank you so much!