When your body, soul and especially mind get so much purity, you become unaware of time. I can proudly say that I really employed the last fifteen days in a spiritually productive way. And I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart.
As a solid minded and realistic person, I didn’t expect to reach enlightenment in fifteen days, but what I did expect was to get another point of view about life. I absolutely got that from you. I can see things in a finer way and analyze problems in a way I didn’t even think about.
I had a fear about the meditation course here, because I got retired from the army just a short while ago and wasn’t ready to enter a similar situation. I can now definitely say that this is not a military course. I was so happily surprised by you, my beloved teachers of life. You have given me inspiration for a lifetime. Your good spirits will remain with me forever.
Thank you.