” After doing Vipassana, liking the theory and principals of it, but not practicing it, still thinking of what great master Goenka says and his stories about Buddha and the message of it, and understanding it more and more, Karen said she had done this course and it was different from Vipassana in its techniques and teachings; and that she loved it. So I decided to give it a try.
I was thinking may be it will give me a way of dealing with my anger and miseries of life and it did!!! Definitely!!! During these last fifteen days, you have reminded me of the way I used to act and think and made it sharper and clearer and also added a lot; you have shown me that I was on the right path all along.
Thanks to you I have found a way to deal with my complicated mind and to work on it. I am on my way to Glory! I find this system of meditation and living wonderful! It is still a very hard way, but I’m sure it is a right way. When I chant the Mantras and think of their meaning, I agree and feel them within my heart. That is the right way to live a peaceful and free life!
I’m sure that the best of best days was today, when my meditation in the evening session was so peaceful and calm and I had almost no distractions and totally understood and felt the Mantras (and especially now after you’ve cleared them out for me) in my heart and soul and felt so much love and joy afterwards. Pure joy is pure observation has helped me a lot. Pure joy is total acceptance – I feel much relief!!!
This has been an issue for me for such a long time and it makes me feel lost and unpeaceful, when someone I have such strong love and compassion to, suffers so much and I don’t have the power to help him. But then you came up with a great solution! A wonderful thought of helping him to be better! And I could really feel your sincerity in your eyes when you said, you will do your best to help him and that means the world to me!!! It really does, I know within my heart, that with your help and my hard work, we can succeed and get relief!

I know that with the love and compassion that you have within yourself, we can make it work! Now my work is to convince him and I’ll do my most best.
So thank you ever so much! Both of you! And James! For being such loving and open and giving human beings! For sharing your love and your way with all of us!
May all beings be happy!
May peace prevail on earth!
May all people have the chance to gain some of your knowledge and perception!
Thank you for being who you are and for showing me the way!”