Darcey Donovan

Ajay Kapoor’s deconditioning methods have improved my quality of life immensely.
When I first met Ajay in 2008 I was struggling, caught up in my thoughts and attached to my stories. I was suffering from depression and having a hard time breaking free. The Z Meditation inquiry method helped me to understand my conditionings and attachments and to think clearly. It made me aware that I was not primarily my mind, my emotions nor my physical body, but so much more. Ajay’s teachings were powerful because I was able implement the method when I was caught up in my conditionings. With practice, I started to see reoccurring patterns and was able to detach from my desires with less effort. The results are that I am much happier and don’t take myself so seriously. I simply do my best at whatever I am doing in the moment, and strive to remain aware of who/what I really am. My life is now full of beautiful experiences, opportunities, acceptance and love. I finally feel peaceful and whole.
I have Ajay and Z Meditation to thank for that.