“Full & Empty”
The beginning was full, filled with change, new ideas and an abundance of thoughts. The end was empty, as the change became nature, the new ideas well accepted and the thoughts diminished.
The first night you asked what my best possibility was. My thinking at that time was so outside myself, I answered with a possible position career / job – the role I thought should be played to be successful, to be complete. I wanted to contribute to the world and I assumed that meant I had to find a way, a method which would be instrumental. As a teacher (and an unhappy teacher, I might add), I was going to help educate others. Teach others when I myself have so much to learn.
Now I realize the best contribution I can make is making the best possible me to contribute. That to be successful is to be complete within. And I have always had the necessary components to be just that. Now I just need to do meditation daily to hone my skills. And I am ready for the challenge of spiritual growth.
Thank you for helping me discover them.”