Coby Evensal

I have realized that the most beautiful place on earth stays in my heart. There are many names to this place – loving kindness, peace, freedom, acceptance, completeness. Well it took me fifteen days to find the map for all these places. It’s a simple map, a map that everybody knows and I think that I found a treasure map. What is written on the map is more precious than diamonds and gold. It’s showing you that healthy food is so good; sleep is the best medicine; bird singing is like a concert and nature is like heaven. Yes, after fifteen days, you have the most powerful key in your own hand – the key to your life and the key to your mind. Who knew that pure joy is here and now, who knew that pure joy is total acceptance? Well, I didn’t know that it was in my hands. I always thought that my surroundings had the answer to my pure joy. How wrong I was!
So, if anybody asks me about joy I can tell him that I’m working on it as I have the key now.
Thank you so much!!!
I forgot something! At home in Israel, my profession is related to restaurants and food. I must say I haven’t eaten such good and tasty food like I ate this week. So if you will get bored from meditation, I think you should think of opening a restaurant. I’m sure you will be successful!!”