“Where should I start? I felt very much ‘out of tune’ when I came here last Sunday to inquire about Z Meditation. After talking with Suruchi, I felt the retreat would definitely do good to me. Having done another 10-day meditation retreat right before I left Melbourne, I thought this retreat would be a piece of cake. I now realize how shallow my knowledge of meditation was.
After 3 months of traveling in ‘non peace’ with my boyfriend, I was tired, empty and felt that all I’ve learnt in 2 years was wiped away. Living in and enjoying the moments, following my gut instinct, living in peace with myself – that’s what I did for 18 months. Then ‘the incident’, followed by painful moments, which changed everything into non-stop frustrations, anger, pain and insecurity in the last couple of months.
You know how happy I am now as I choose to go on my own path – the path of Z Meditation. These last fifteen days have definitely brought me back in balance. The awareness of what is important in life has become very clear once again. It needs hard work, I know. I am ready for that. I realize that only I am responsible for my own happiness.
I know I will have to let go of all of my old conditionings in order to reach peace of mind. In 34 years, I’ve built up all these habits and patterns and it’s going to be a long road to find the truth within. To totally accept what is, is not to cling anymore, being independent. I understand that it was not my partner who made my life a mess. It was me. I had made my life a mess. I’m responsible. These fifteen days of full-on meditation sessions have made me aware of the fact that there is something like total happiness. Looking at you, Ajay and Suruchi, thinking back of Goenka, Dalai Lama, all have the same beliefs and the same beautiful, inspiring vibes.
I have to learn to live meditation rather than practice it. You have given me the tools to do so. All I need to do is believe in myself. Believe that this is for me as well; I can do it. I’m not scared to face the few problems that I have to deal with. I will keep the ‘wake up call’ enquiry at hand, when being out centre. With all the knowledge that I gained in these days and the resolutions I will live according to, I’ll be strong enough to make the transformation into the real me.

Thank you, Ajay and Suruchi, for helping me make the first steps on the path to peaceful completeness.”