” It was a great experience for me, although it was not easy. I’m happy that I decided to do this retreat.
Before it started, I thought the greatest problem for me was not to smoke; I’m a big smoker and so I thought it would not be easy, but that was really the smallest problem. The silence was also not a problem for me as I’m a naturally quiet person. I travel alone here in India and so many times it happens that in one day I speak only a few words.
The real hard thing for me was the meditation. But the technique helped me so much and showed me a way to understand myself better.
I have meditated before, but without this technique. I used to breathe to the heart chakra, and when thoughts came, I didn’t analyze them. It was good, but nothing compared to what I have learnt here. With this meditation technique, I can resolve the thoughts and they don’t come back so easily.
I liked the yoga sessions; it is a great experience for me to see how much energy I can get with these exercises. My mind starts to run slower. It is a great preparation for meditation. The sun salutation is so great for me; it’s a way to thank the great power of sun and to get direct energy from there.

I want to thank you for the great time and for the great gift. I will keep you in my heart. Thanks.