“My life! Yes it is my own life; I’m responsible for it to be a good life. I have been so eager to live in honesty. From now on, I am going to live in Truth. Nothing will happen unless I want it and I will not be dishonest towards others. I have been so polite and it has dragged me down.
I will continue to remind myself that nothing outside myself will make me happy in the long run, and I will stop running for happiness. I don’t have to run anymore; what I’m looking for is inside me. So I just need to sit down for a while, alone, and find what I’m looking for. I don’t have to depend on others any longer.
Although retreats, meditation and yoga classes will be needed for strengthening my confidence. It will probably be a hard struggle to maintain clarity about this new way of living, but it will be worth it.
I will totally change attitude against my boyfriend also. I have loved him deeply for many years. But in the last years, I haven’t been satisfied with our relationship. I kept blaming him for everything. Sometimes we were not talking even. Probably, I had a lot of undue expectations. Now I see and understand that it was my fault. He is someone I love deeply. I just want to love him freely now!
About job I don’t care for. In this moment, it is not real. It is just a dream. I will handle it when the right time comes.

So thank you. You have done a lot of good to me. I will never forget, I hope.”