The last fifteen fifteen days are the beginning of a new way. I’m in it now.
Shy, my boyfriend wanted to give me a gift on my birthday. And he gave me these fifteen days at the Z Meditation Centre. I feel that this is the most beautiful present that anybody has ever given me.

Before joining the retreat, I was afraid that I’ll meet here a Carmit that I won’t like at all. I was afraid to be by myself; I was afraid to be lonely. But I have been afraid for 26 years!! No more!!! I am happy that I ran into my fears. I met myself. The silence led me to watch myself, to listen to my thoughts, my fears. I felt alone but I was not unhappy about it.
The eating meditation was wonderful for me. I have not enjoyed food so much before.
The silence was like a magic to me. In the beginning, I was afraid that I would fall in love with it!
I asked myself where can I find such quietness in my life? I was worried when I was thinking about Israel. After 2 days, I realized that Shy was also here and he was also experiencing what I was experiencing. We were learning about a new way of life and we could share it together. I want to create the same silence in our home also.
I found out that if I can love myself, I can love anybody. I love Shy very much!!! The last fifteen days helped me experience the biggest shift in my mind.
I am thankful for the Mantras. I’ll take them with me to everywhere. I have a lot of work to do but with love peace in my heart, I am going to do it. It is the beginning of my peaceful life today.

Thank you very much.