I was looking for a deeper understanding, getting to know myself better, making decisions more easily. But what I got here instead was a new way of life – a whole new way of looking at the world. I have learnt how to enjoy potatoes and a good cake equally and this is something huge for me. I have learnt how to be detached and loving at the same time. I have learnt how to enjoy the rains as much as I enjoy the spring. And I like it.
I have learnt how to differentiate between ‘thinking’ and ‘restlessness.’ I now understand how restless I was before. I want to lose my fears and my clinging to bad things – and in Z Meditation Technique, I have got a great tool to do that.

The silence surprisingly was the easiest part. Eating only enough at regular hours was also something I had to learn. I know I’m so happy I came here, happy that I told Boaz and Yuval to come here too, for it is a thing that 6 months ago I would never have done. But I’ve open my mind, I make myself get over the doubts, the cynical remarks in my head, the contempt towards everything “spiritual” and I’m making progress.
Few days before the Z meditation course, I had a spiritual, almost religious experience and I felt God. I knew He was with me and that I was on the right way. So now I know that everything is going towards the good, towards my best possibility. But I still don’t know how and that is what is so funny about it.
Thank you so much. I could see the loving kindness, the peace in your eyes and it was so good to know it can be done.