What can I say but Thank you. I have spent the last nearly two years at my wits end trying to fathom all the riddles of life. Living in total mental chaos not knowing which way to turn, in order to find fulfillment in what seemed to be a mundane, purposeless, meaningless, painful life. After having tried so many avenues and not getting lasting joy and the pain of that ‘missing piece’ drilling into my head, and eating away my heart, I embarked on a journey to find answers to the questions. So, I arrived here in Dharamsala at the Z Meditation Center where I have spent the last fifteen days I have been waiting for my whole life. My questions have been answered, I can see so clearly. It is like someone has switched on a light in my head, given me the key to a lock I thought would never open. I always knew there was more to life, I always knew I had a purpose, I am glad I did not give up searching, at last, I have the ‘Truth’. I have gained so much from the last fifteen days. You have given me the missing pieces of the puzzle. You have polished the brass buttons that had got tarnished over time, and in them, is the reflection that had been there all the time. There is a long path ahead of me and a lot of work to be done but you have showed me what can be achieved in fifteendays and I am amazed at the results. I intend to tread the path right to the end.