The last fifteen days have changed me. The process has started and I know that it is going to be a long way until I can fully live the truth. It is such a relief to realize where all the negative thoughts and feelings come from. It is such a relief to know that I can change it that I am the only person in my life who can do it.
I was always seeking for unconditional love, peace, truth, freedom, perfection and joy. But I didn’t know how to reach it. In my life, I experienced glimpses of the greatest gifts that you can give to yourself and to other people. But my mind was playing games with me. I took nightmares for reality and that is finished now.
I want to be aware of the external world; I want to know when I am dreaming and stop it there. Thank you for showing me how to do it.

A day in the Z meditation center
The bell is ringing; it is the wake up call. I am very tired, but I still try to be aware of what I am doing.
I am brushing my teeth mindfully. I am looking into the mirror and smile a “good morning” to myself.
It is not easy to have full concentration when you are feeling hungry and sleepy. But you know it’s an important feeling, you observe and try not to react to it.
The eating meditation – how much joy! I have never ever realized before now how food really tastes. I am so happy about the taste, I chew mindfully and I am aware of the surroundings. The mountain side is always different, the action, people and animals are changing from moment to moment. I feel grateful for everything.
The creative meditation is such a good mindfulness exercise for me.
I was painting and drawing before. Now I want to go on with the mindful action of creativity. I want to draw for its own sake – I don’t want to do it anymore for admiration or any other results.
The siesta is nice for studying. I enjoyed every second of reading and I felt peace and comfort while I was doing it.
Then comes an hour of sleep. The questioning, the Mantras, the meditation and the breathing – I’ve learned so many things which will help me on my new way.
Especially the yoga, I want to continue. It gives so much balance. It’s stretching, relaxing and concentration all together; it is wonderful. I’ve never thought that this is something for me.
The stories of the great masters – I loved them. They were simple, funny and full of wisdom.

Thank you again.