My last fifteen days have been life changing for me, thanks to the both of you. The “awakening” began for me on Saturday when I came for inquiring about the course. Seeing your warmth and compassion, I decided that I had to learn meditation from you.
I’m sure that it wasn’t an accident that someone told me about Z Meditation. In fact, it was directed by the divine, I’m sure. I admit I had my reservations about meditation before this retreat, but really wanted to give it a try as a last resort in getting rid of some of my everyday baggage. I still can’t believe how much rubbish is there in my head, but it continues to be thrown out. Of the most important things I learned was living in the moment and how precious each second is. Never have I felt how it actually feels to walk – I felt my feet actually moving on the ground. Never have I appreciated the intake of such fresh air or eaten food enjoying every flavor in each morsel. I thank you; I thank you for reminding me of something I forgot long ago in some other life. Though, I still have much to work on, I can say right now in this moment, I feel free to be true to myself. I’m praising myself instead of abusing myself. I’m no longer afraid of which direction my life will take because I know that as long as I live each moment to the fullest, live the truth, and understand that pure joy is acceptance, the direction doesn’t matter.
With the aid of meditation, inquiry and the yoga, I can have a mindful, truthful existence. Furthermore, I intend to give as much white light as possible as an expression of love and kindness.
For many years, I’ve always wanted to know a way to heal people and relieve them of their fears and anxiety. The problem was that I had so many within myself that there was nothing I could give. Now I know I have so much to give because of how much I’m learning to love myself. Again thank you so much for showing and living. I know I have quite a long road ahead of me, but that’s ok because I’m going to live every moment of it to its fullest.
Much love.