This is the first time I have experienced sustained awareness – I have woken up from a dream. How could I have known that so many of my questions would get their answers here? I didn’t know that I would get a path toward pure joy. I have received so much here that it seems to be sufficient for this life time. I have got the precise meditation tools now to throw light on those dark spots in my mind. The inquiry and the mantras are the greatest discovery of my life.
I feel loved from all directions – the universe has reached out to hold me in its hands! Now it is up to me to stay there using the tools I have been shown in the past week.
I have some resolutions to make:

Continue practicing meditation: How could I deny myself such a wonderful gift, the gift of truth?

Love the mantras. Live the mantras. Each one carries such piercing messages aimed at my soul. I feel so transparent when I use them.

Live my life fully – living it each moment. No more worries. Worrying is such a waste of energies.

Now, I am on a mission – the mission of living in peace, fulfillment and love. I promise to myself that I am going to do it. I know that the key to continuing on this path is meditation, meditation and meditation. It will be hard work, but it is already worth it. In fifteen days, I have seen so much clarity. Imagine a lifetime!”
Thank you for showing me the way.