During my last fifteen days in the Z Meditation Centre, I learned a lot of techniques of controlling the mind and doing meditation. Time schedule of the course has been prepared very nicely. The beginning and end of the session of the course with the ‘Shanti mantra’ is remarkable indeed. The breathing exercise of inhaling peace and exhaling love are very effective in controlling the mind. The stories of the master and disciple in the night session are interesting and conducive for the participants for doing meditation. The sitting arrangement in the class has been configured very nicely and almost perfect silence is maintained by the participants in the class.
Over all, Z Meditation Centre has been situated at a very charming place in front of the big mountains, which is very conducive for meditation course. The accommodation facility for the participants has been made properly. The food provided to the participants was of good quality.
I am very much thankful to the teacher for providing so many facilities to the participating for doing the meditation course.

Thank you very much!