“These meditative days were to me the awakening call of my life. I can say that they have been very inspiring. They have enabled me an experience of going in, deepening, observing, examining, analyzing and getting to know myself more sincerely. I realize that it is the beginning the long process of letting go of fears and attachments.
I felt the balance in the breathing and the teachings. The philosophy taught is not new, but the meditation as well as the technique of the inquiry and mantras enabled me to see things in a different light. The balance was felt in the concern you showed to the health and comfort of the physical body – the temple of the mind and soul. The food was nourishing and tasty. The accommodation was comfortable and the sincere care you showed, Suruchi, when I expressed I was suffering physically, was very touching. The example of each of you, Ajay and Suruchi, glowing, loving and living the truths you are teaching, is inspiring.
Throughout the meditation teachings and the mantras, I found myself constantly translating the words of wisdom into the terminology of my path Judaism. I kept on finding equivalents in couplets etc.
There is a couplet is the Babylonian Talmud (one of the central Jewish writings) according to which every grass has an angel standing above it and saying and this is how growth occurs.
Thank you Ajay and Suruchi for really caring and encouraging every one of us to grow in our way with such gentle and personalized manner on your part.