“What can I say when my words cannot express what I am feeling? I will write you a story that I hope will help.
One guy walked on a beach at the sunset. He saw one man standing far from him. He went there slowly and saw that he was taking something from the ground and throwing it into the sea, again and again. He came closer to the man and saw that he was picking “sea-stars” that the sea throws out to the sand. He went to the man and said: “hello my friend…I wonder what you are doing?”
“I am sending the sea-star back to their place. If they stay here, they will die”… said the man.
“I see but there are too much of them… and there are lot of beaches, you understand that this doesn’t matter?”
The man smiled and kept doing his work. “You see…” he said, “for this single sea-star, it matters a lot…”
Thank you for throwing me back to the place I belong to… I almost forgot how good it’s to be here…
Thank you with all my heart…