“Wow! How can I explain or describe in words my last fifteen days? I will try.
The meditation was very good for me and as I look at it now, I believe I have changed for good. I’m definitely more calm now, more one-pointed toward what I really want, and I want to think about myself more than about others. I know something has changed inside me; it’s still indescribable but it’s there.
I think that the last fifteen days were very meaningful for me because as I learnt how to meditate, how to have my breakfast in a yogic way, and how to say the shanti prayer. I learnt a lot about myself. I think that in those few days, I learned about myself more than in my entire life, for sure.

I feel that now I am ready to go out to the world, and show it what I have learnt and who I have become. I feel I am ready to give more than ever. I am ready to accept anything in any condition. I’m ready to live the moment as it is, with no doubts.”
I am finally ready to love myself the way I am, alone, or in any condition. I am ready finally to inhale “peace” and exhale “love” by myself – wherever I go.

Thank you so much.