“In my quest for truth, I have now spent almost 16 years learning Vedanta intensively and trying to follow that lifestyle. I have taken my vows and I am trying to follow them strictly. For the last 2 years, I came to a standstill. I was not moving anywhere. I was stuck in my understanding. I didn’t even know what was happening with me as I was not convinced of my understanding which I received through my previous teachers. And in these confusions, my life started drifting away from what I had initially taken up as my cherished lifestyle. A sense of utter despair started creeping in me, which led me to some other blunders.
And at this point of time in my life, God came to my rescue. I was led to Z Meditation Centre on the 17th of June, 2001. Ajay & Suruchi look all care to make me comfortable. But the biggest comfort came when the course began and Ajay in his very lucid style started explaining the most difficult truths in the simplest way that even a child could understand. Suruchi also excelled in her classes. My basic confusions about the practice of meditation got cleared through these classes. These last 5 days have clearly shown me the way. Z Meditation techniques are the most effective tools I have received in my life. I have studied from various great teachers. But what I got here was incomparable. This will surely help me in my journey divine.
Thank you to both of you; thanks a lot.