Over the years I have had the fortunate opportunity to travel to many places in the world but never to India until this year and I have to declare it was one of the most memorable, inspiring experiences of my life . Visited the Taj Mahal (magnificent) !!
Spent 2 weeks at ZMEDITATION (life changing )!!
Soaking up the invaluable wisdom that was imparted to me from my teachers Ajay and Suruchi.
Participating in a silent retreat enabled me to focus on myself , feelings and embrace the reason for my being there and that was to “Wake Up” open my self and my soul and become “AWARE”
Through the practice of meditation, yoga and mindfulness and the joy of ” Living in the Now”. Such a wonderful gift .
These days , part of my daily routine is to take time out for meditation and contemplation and I have no doubt that this has enriched my spirituality and this will continue to develop.
Vince and I plan on returning to India next year , there is so much to explore but only after we spend our time back at ZMEDITATION for replenishing and guidance.
Thank you , Thank you.
With love and Best Wishes .