Anat Inbar

fifteen days of peace and quiet that I have never felt before. I came to India after a lot of pressure. In the beginning, I couldn’t get focused and all the time, I thought about the past and the future. But after the first day, I started understanding the teachings and I started to be peaceful. My mind became so quite that I found myself thinking about nothing.
I must to say that I feel proud of me that I did it and enjoyed it. I want to say that I want to accept everything and love everybody. I want to change my life now. I feel that I have started the process. It’s going to be hard work, but for my love for me, I must do it. I am going to practice meditation daily.
I want to thank you for your love, attention, care and all the wonderful things that you did and gave us and for the good food.
I gave to me a wonderful present to learn how to live in the present time.”
Thank you very much.