“Initially, my Z Meditation began with all sorts of expectations that I was simply going to be “given the answers”. The answers that I supposed would solve all the questions, unlock the riddles, open the doors, and break down the barricades. But when I came to the realization that I could not sit still enough to concentrate because of pain in my legs, restlessness in my mind, I wrongly assumed that this was not for me
Today however, I experienced a semi-awakening. Still light years from enlightenment, but definitely a break at the starting gate. “Dream or reality”, how simple, but never really thought about it. Is it conducive to my freedom – never? Incompleteness – these limitations my mind has set for myself. Once I could relinquish all my personal expectations of the future, I realized how important the pure joy of here and now really is. What is, is.
Saying the mantras, I realize how beneficial they will be in my everyday life.
Here and now – pure joy, unconditioned peace.
I am happy. Thank you for teaching me how to experience happiness in freedom.”
Thank you.