Six Radiant Mantras

Six Radiant Mantras

Having given up the root causes of agitation by employing deep inquiry, one now deserves moving into the experience of the purest blissful joy. Using the Deep Inquiry, when the life perspective changes and one’s own peace and happiness becomes of utmost importance, one is now ready to take a plunge for finding the real invaluable pearls from within one’s own self. The Radiant Mantras and like pointers that help in expediting the process.

In the second meditation retreat, the philosophy of the six radiant mantras is revealed, as the meditation students try to integrate them with their lives. In these classes on the mantras, an understanding develops that living in one’s highest possibility is not a distant dream. It is realizable at a moment’s notice. One just needs to be open to accepting what one understands to be the truth.

We practice the radiant mantras in the languages we think in. Meditation on mantras does not mean mere concentration on their sounds or shapes. That is just concentration. Meditation means upliftment of the mind using the right knowledge which is very effectively done with these mantras. One contemplates best in one’s own language. Why make double the effort by saying the mantras in a foreign language and then translating it for contemplating over it? That is not required at all. Clear thinking is primary. Concentration is just a by-product of right thinking.

There are six mantras that are taught in the second level of the Z Meditation Retreat. When the mantras are practiced, all effort is made to see to it that they don’t turn into mechanical repetitions. Understanding, integrating and living the mantras right when one is practicing is the key to stable spiritual growth.

Besides the mantras, students learn about the following concepts also:

  1. Seven Spiritual Laws
  2. Obstacles in Meditation

The third retreat is for the advanced practitioners only; those who are ready to outgrow the ‘I’ and ‘Mine’ notions. These notions happen to be the deepest layers of conditionings that most of the people in the world are infected by. The students of this course study two great inspiring spiritual texts – Bhagwad Gita and Ashtavakra Samhita – in the theory classes. The deep inquiry deepens further with the introduction of the last questions about the Self. This helps in rooting out even the subtlest of illusions – I and Mine.

The courses are designed in such a way that one can start from scratch and experience the highest level of being within a very short period of time. Everybody must start from level one and slowly and steadily graduate toward the other two states of freedom. It is a very joyful process of growth for most students. We also love to see them evolve from those mundane problems to the heights that Buddhas and Ramanas have reached in the olden days.

Having seen the highest, the real work starts when one leaves the Z Meditation Centre and goes back to the place where the former attachments are placed. The real practice and test happens there. In the retreat environment, we have seen that most of the students are able to get unshackled. But it requires regular, systematic and sincere practice to remain at home when one is living in the ‘home’!

In order to get a feel of your mind, we strongly recommend that you do ‘A Simple Awareness Exercise’.