Online Z Meditation Course

Meditation Courses in India: Two-week Z Meditation Online Course

“This is one of the best meditation courses in India: My life has completely changed. I first did the online Z meditation course and then came to India for the twenty-three-day retreat… This work of de-conditioning is the best thing that has happened to me. I feel I can face any challenge with ease and peace. Amongst all the meditation courses in India, this one is highly effective.”

Cathy, USA

“I am astounded at the possibilities of an aware state of living. The materials I have covered over the last 2 weeks have opened doors of opportunity that I didn’t imagine possible to me.
Everything now seems real. There is no more fear, or doubt. Just living.

I still need to work – on my lethargic and sensual desires. Over the next few weeks, I will be reviewing the material, very carefully; to pick up anything I might have missed. Then I will be ready for the next stage.

I am eternally grateful to Ajay Kapoor for this gift of inestimable value.

Love and Blessings….”

Wale, Nigeria

“Doing this meditation course, I am making great strides in understanding that no external purpose or career completes me. I am going to continue learning and contemplating, but the intense inner turmoil I’ve been feeling has lifted! What a relief! Thank you very much for sharing your wisdom. Namaste.”

Jordan, CA USA

“Thank you for your love and understanding. I am only three days into this meditation course, and I feel like a light has been turned on. I’ve heard all these ideas before, but you explain them so thoroughly. I know I will be coming back to your course repeatedly to keep my mind focused.”

Barbara, Canada

The experience of Z Meditation Course

The online meditative experience will also be very close to he one described below in this video.

There are thousands of Meditation Courses in India which could provide you an excellent introduction to meditation. Each and every one is dependent on a particular meditation technique. Some of them lay emphasis on observing the breath; many others on visualizations and some others are placing importance on creating faithfulness for God. The key significance provided in the Z Meditation program is on comprehending one’s own mind and improving it to its most excellent probabilities with the assistance of a balanced de-conditioning inquiry. This effort could alter your life-perspective once and for all. If you honestly perform this work and master the art of

de-conditioning, there would be a lot more bliss, a whole lot deeper love along with a good feeling of liberty. Z Meditation is a step-by-step work of searching and rooting out the incorrect and unpleasant beliefs which are concealed in the subconscious areas of the mind. These beliefs are like an unnecessary burden upon the mind that don’t allow you discover internal peace. Once you comprehend and unhook from them, the feel of relief cannot be explained in words.

If you could be unbiased with yourself and actually want to feel the state of liberty, Z Meditation could do miracles. There is a probability to make sure you totally eradicate suffering from your daily life. Liberty, Bliss as well as Knowledge are not simply esoteric terms. You could feel them as your genuine nature. The best possibility could be that you visit India and master this wonderful work with the meditation master, Ajay.

In the event you cannot come to India, this Online Meditation Course also can do miracles. It is created to develop a new being from within. In 14 days, you will master the way to handle any issue of life with compassion and balance. This excellent work has assisted a large number of individuals from all around the world. Now, it might be your turn.

Consequences of Z Meditation Courses

The consequences of this effort are actually mind blowing! In this meditation program, the technique utilized is called Deep Inquiry that would assist you unhook from the mind’s patterns consistently and discover a state of contentment, belief, peace and love.

There are several types of Meditation Courses in India which could focus on diverse spiritual requirements. Z Meditation is perfect for individuals who would like to comprehend all the concepts initially and then actually practice meditation to be able to attain the objective of unconditioned calmness, love and liberty. People who do this course would be prepared to face any kind of problem in daily life. They will have learned to make use of a tool which could be used in any circumstance to eliminate the mental mess and reside in a state of real joy and infinite compassion.

If you choose to come to India to do the Silent Z Meditation Retreat with the Retreat Master Ajay, you will need to come for 10 days (2 levels) or 15 (all three levels). All the details are available at their relevant links.

But if you want to do the course online, you would require to dedicate about 2 hours a day for 14 days to study the program material as well as carrying out the assignments. In case you truly feel that you require a solid tool to manage the agitations of the mind and you are prepared to put in the needed work for 14 days, you could enroll in the Program at the link below. This has been priced inexpensively at US$ 100. This could be a life-changing phase for you.

We at Z Meditation understand your concerns about the security of online transactions? Therefore, our site processes all your payments with Paypal, one of the most secure and easy way of paying online.

Payment: US$ 100.00

Another beautiful testimonial:

“Nothing lasts. Not even desires and feelings. If my X factor is a transient entity, so will be my happiness.”

I love this lesson. It puts years of heartache into perspective. I’ve been suffering because I was always looking for a relationship that would last forever, but now I realize that’s impossible because people change, feelings change, and people die. I=C feels comforting and safe.

My grandfather, my closest relative, died at age 95. Although I will always miss him, I could accept his death because I knew death is a law of nature and I was grateful to have him in my life for so long. However, when my long-term relationship ended and didn’t live up to my expectations, I couldn’t accept it because it didn’t seem natural to me. Now I realize that “nothing lasts” is law ,and I no longer have the expectation or pressure of a relationship lasting forever. It’s quite liberating, and I’m happy to let go of all these years of pain and unfulfilled expectations. I find it amazing that I’ve been battling this pain for six years, and accepting this one statement as law is instantly healing (“Nothing lasts. Not even desires and feelings. If my X factor is a transient entity, so will be my happiness.”)

I’m so grateful that I signed up for this course. I already feel significantly better after only the third day in, and I never would have thought that was possible, especially through an online course. I look forward to waking up and reading the materials each morning. The materials are extremely well written because they’re interesting and succinct. I sometimes find that spiritual texts are hard to read because the language can be complicated and the material doesn’t hold my attention. That’s not the case with your work. It’s very interesting and easy to follow.