Let us meditate with Ajay

Meditate Now with Ajay

Brief Introduction of Meditate Now with Ajay

Ajay is the name and form of the knowledge of freedom and bliss. He understands that the only valuable treasure worth having is a state of being that is non-demanding, non-expecting and non-controlling. He knows that meditation is a sure and only method to realize one’s true being – which is a state of absolute blissful eternal awareness.

There are a few meditation audio-videos below that will help you understand and experience the state of freedom. You will start appreciating what it requires to be a Buddha. You have all that within you. It just requires polishing. It will shine when you will learn how to meditate in the right spirit.

Meditate with Ajay, now. Ajay suggests that when you listen to a truth principle, stop the video and contemplate on it. Chew it well. Digest it. Integrate it with your life. It is no use gaining a vast amount of knowledge, without properly letting it run in your blood. Listening to one sentence and living it fully is far more valuable than memorizing Gitas and Bibles and Korans.

Ajay wishes you success in this purest of journeys. He prays for you. He loves you. He blesses you.