Why Silence?

Why Silence during Z Meditation Retreats?

Z Meditation Retreats are held in Silence. Students are able to remain indrawn while they are learning about the deeply hidden unconscious conditionings of their minds. We have seen that, in silence, they are more aware and their decision making capabilities also become very strong and determined.

The students stay with us for minimum ten days and learn how to meditate. We employ analytical method of Deep Deconditioning Inquiry for achieving stable inner stillness. Students learn to apply the Inquiry on their mental turmoil. They dig out their preposterous stories and realize a state of freedom using the teachings. They have to, first of all, become aware of their restlessness. When they are living in silence, they do not waste their precious energies. Hence, it is so much easier to detach from the mind and do this work.

There are strong habit patterns ingrained in most of us. Sometimes, we strongly feel like telling others about our experiences – and this may happen at the cost of mindfulness. Sometimes, we consciously or unconsciously boost our own egos by talking about ourselves or criticizing others – this also takes place at the cost of mindfulness. Now and then, we get into a hurry or worry mode and it gets reflected in our speech – at the cost of mindfulness again. It also happens that we are mostly involved in our desires or expectations and we are not aware of them while speaking – this also takes a toll upon mindfulness. That is, when we are involved in our minds, our speech promotes unawareness. Our minds get agitated due to speech. If we need to develop mindfulness, we must be very careful about our speech. Silence helps in becoming aware of speech. In short, for clear thinking, shining awareness and right speech, silence is a great tool.

In Z Meditation, it is the experience of all those who are initially scared of facing themselves in silence that at the end of the retreat, they don’t feel like speaking! They feel good not speaking as the mental clarity reaches unseen transparency. When the retreats are going on, everybody enjoys the silence. They realize that most of the time, they were speaking about triviliaties. If they are to say good and useful things only, they may not say even a single sentence during the course of a day. Most of us unconsciously employ time and energy wasting tactics in order to run away from facing ourselves. In a silent retreat environment, we conserve all our energies for withdrawing and growing.

However, let us understand that silence is only a tool. Verbal silence is not an end in itself. We have seen people living in verbal silence and looking for opportunities to write all the time. We believe that for the sake of learning, if silence needs to be broken, so be it. In the Z Meditation Retreat, there are sessions in which we break the silence for some time and do the Deep Inquiry through verbal communication. It happens toward the end of the retreat when everything is already taught and we need to make sure that students have understood the Deep Inquiry well. It helps in bringing about more precision in experiencing the state of pure joy and freedom.

Love and Blessings.