What is Z Meditation Work?

Z Meditation Work

The aim of the Z Meditation Work is to enable seekers reach a state of unconditioned peace, love and freedom. Doing the work in a rational and systematic way,
they realize that their freedom is attainable in the Here and Now. The only requirements are Right Understanding of the nature of mind and detachment.

Detachment from one’s own mind

If one wants to experience true happiness, one will have to understand and detach from one’s hidden conditionings. It is only when one is able to be mindful of one’s own mind and all its hidden unconscious roots that there is a possibility of stable peace and happiness. And this is the true meaning of spiritual practice. In the practice, there ought to take place a complete transformation of one’s character.
One’s old habit patterns that are based on painfully wrong beliefs and programs ought to be given up.

The best deConditioning happens in a silent-retreat environment

For the deconditioning training of the mind, we have to help it by removing all the distracting factors and give it a congenial environment. In a retreat, it is seen that the mind is much more alert and the decision making is determined. It is much easier to transcend the
deep-rooted habit patterns and see refreshing light for the life. The effects of the silent work on the mind are literally mind blowing!

In the Z Meditation Spiritual Retreats, the technique used is rational and analytical. You learn to detach from your mind’s patterns and systematically root out the roots of turbulence using deep inquiry.
You employ radiant and rational mantras to get established in your pristine glory. The silence helps a lot in deep contemplation and integration.

A Rational way of Meditation

Z stands for Zenith – the highest point. Z Meditation is the essence of the knowledge of freedom. It is a rational and analytical way of lifting the mind to its highest possibility by deConditioning it of all its wrong programsZ Meditation employs Deep Inquiry and Radiant Mantras. The Eternal Knowledge was given this logical shape in 1997. The founder of Z Meditation, Ajay Kapoor, has the vision to help
each deserving student in the world realize freedom from mental chaos and become a shining instrument of unconditioned peace and love.

Detachment from one’s own mind

Five principles of Z Meditation

It is very important that the principles of any mind work are clear and rational.
These are the principles of Z Meditation that have been used to device Deep Inquiry, Radiant Mantras and the entire retreat structure:

No proof, No Belief

All belief should be scientifically substantiated. One should be able to experience one’s beliefs.

No Concepts, No Peace

There is zero possibility of suppressing the turbulence of the mind by mechanical means. For lasting peace, the concepts must be understood clearly.

No Mother-tongue, No Understanding

One thinks best in one’s own language. Without deep thinking, one cannot integrate the knowledge with one’s life.

No Tuning, No Music

Meditation does not mean torturing the body or the mind. It is an enjoyable and radiant way to clear the mind of turmoil and see things in the Truth-Light. The middle path is the best path.
If you are into self affliction, you cannot think clearly. Without clear thinking, you cannot detach from your age-old conditionings.

No Integration, No Dance

Meditation is a way of life and not just a routine. If the rest of the day is not lived in conformity
with what one practices in one’s meditation, one cannot make progress just by doing some monotonous motorized exercises.

These are revolutionary principles of meditation. Integrating them with one’s practice, one can make speedy and enduring progress in this beautiful mind-elevation game.

Three levels of learning

Z Meditation Silent Retreats are divided in three levels. Once you join, you will have to commit ten days of your time for the first two levels of learning. In the first level, you get all the essential knowledge about your mind and you learn to practice the Six Questions of Deep Inquiry.
These six questions root out all your restlessness, habit patterns, attachments and conditionings in a systematic way.

In the second level, the learning deepens further and you study the Six Radiant Mantras. These Mantras are Truth Statements that invoke a state of unconditioned joy and love in your heart. You come to experience the wholeness of the moment.
You learn and practice how to integrate your life with the marvel and bliss of the moment.

A very important insight is gained in these ten days that meditation is just not a daily routine. It is a way of life. You learn how to integrate
this knowledge with your real life. You become a different person in your relationships when you are able to live up to the knowledge gained.

Z Meditation has been instrumental in bringing about lasting changes in the lives of its students. After doing the course, one understands how to dig out all wrong notions from the mind and attain unconditioned happiness, love and freedom. For joining the retreat that is considered to be the best experience
in the life-time by many, the only requirements are openness to learning and willingness to do the practice during and after the retreat.