Why is the mind restless?

Restlessness of the Mind

Are you aware that your mind is very restless? For having clarity about the current state of your mind, do a simple awareness exercise. In a few minutes only, you will get a good idea about how peaceful or agitated you are.

The cause of restlessness in the mind

All the restlessness of the mind is due to wrong beliefs and conditionings. We are so strongly involved in our beliefs that it is extremely difficult for us to understand that these are merely painful notions and detaching from them can lead to peace and happiness. We believe that ‘Money will give happiness’. Have we not tired enough and can’t we see the mental state of those who are running after money all the time? We believe that ‘Status will give fulfillment’. Is it right? Does it happen that those who have it are happy? Similarly, there are so many other conditionings that we thoughtlessly believe
in without having reflected on their validity and without understanding their effects on our state of happiness and fulfillment.z

How to recognize that your mind is turbulent?

  • Impulsiveness: You don’t have patience and you want it quick.

  • Anger: You don’t tolerate the difference of opinion. You think that you are always right.

  • Dejection: You get unhappy when there are some blocks in the fulfillment of your desires.

  • Criticism: You like it when others are seen to have faults.

  • Interference: You like poking your nose in others’ business.

  • Superiority: You feel that you are the best and you like saying it also.

  • Inferiority: You have low self esteem and you tend to cringe in front of others.
  • Procrastination: You don’t like facing problems head on. You prefer postponing.

  • Fear: You are scared of the future, or certain situations, or people.

  • Yelling: You cannot tolerate people around you and you take them for granted.

  • Revenge: Even if you don’t say it, you like when somebody you don’t like gets hurt in some manner.

  • Hatred: You cannot forgive. You don’t feel compassion for some people.

  • Frustration, Depression, Lying, Adultery, Showing Off etc. are some other problems showing that you mind is very restless.

  • Unfulfilled and Unhappy state of being: You don’t like anything. You are living with no purpose and there is nothing to look forward to.

  • Boredom: You take recourse to TV, Gossipping, Futile wandering so that you don’t have to face yourself.

  • Bad relationships: Your friends and family don’t like your behaviour and you don’t get along well with them.

  • Stunted financial and career growth: Your mind does not remain free and creative enough to compete in this beautiful world.

  • Anxiety attacks or depression: You don’t understand the inevitability of problems are always scared to face them.

  • Low Self Esteem: You don’t like yourself and are unable to understand why.

  • Increased medical expenses: Fears and worries invariably leads to happiness — on the face of your doctor!

Now the important question is whether this state of restlessness is acceptable to me or not. If it is acceptable, I go on living the way I have been living up to date. If it is not acceptable, then I need to be proactive in bringing about a change in my mind. Yes, the mind can be changed — it requires right understanding, detachment from one’s conditionings and sincere practice.

Please go the deconditioning inquiry section of this website and watch a few videos in order to understand what conditionings are and how do they make us restless and cause suffering.