Can Everybody Join

Who will benefit most from the retreat?

Z Meditation is a sincere effort to dig out the old habit patterns that are mostly based on wrong beliefs. Anybody who wants to attain a stable state of peace, love and freedom will benefit tremendously from this work.

Can everybody join the Z Meditation Retreats?

Yes and no. You have to be ready and willing to outgrow your previous habit patterns. You have to be ready to understand and employ the knowledge in your life.

There are some preparations that you should do before you sign up.

Preparation before you sign up

For signing up, you need to do ‘A Simple Awareness Exercise’. This exercise will give you an important understanding about the current state of your mind. Secondly, watch some videos in Meditate Now with Ajay, Deep Sharing and DeConditioning Inquiry sections.
Also find time to study the Testimonials of a few old students. All this will give you a vivid idea about what you are going in for.

We want that you come prepared beforehand for this new birth – yes, it is like a new birth of the mind for most students of Z Meditation. Your visit to Z Meditation Center in India will be a life changing experience for you.
The question is ’Are you ready for the big change?’

Who should not join?

The adventure seekers, spiritual hoppers and curiosity mongers may not get much benefit from this work. Hence they may not join the retreats.

If your life is not important for you, if you don’t love yourself, if you don’t want to understand and uproot your conditionings, you should not join.
It is a joyful hardwork at the retreat. If you are not ready, it may look like hard work only.

One should be a sincere and objective aspirant in order to get the maximum out of this work.
One who has the seeking and sincerity of a child and who wants to do honest work on oneself will find this work life changing.

Please contemplate deeply upon the following qualities of the mind. If you are already established in some of them or you want to have them in yourself, Z Meditation Retreat can do wonders for you.

  • A sincere desire to know the Truth – Who you are and whence you are?
  • Dissatisfaction with the current suffering. You want to transform your life now.
  • You know that your mind is restless and you must do something about it soon.
  • You are already looking for tools to do the same.
  • You love studying books related to mental upliftment.
  • You are very compassionate and this causes suffering sometimes.
  • You are fearless by nature and love to take up inner challenges.
  • While doing something, you get absorbed and forget everything else.
  • You understand that desires and expectations are actually counter-productive for happiness.
  • You want to know the purpose of your life and live accordingly.
  • You have already been practicing for quite some time, but you don’t go deep in meditation.
  • You are sincerely looking for true spiritual guidance that can give you stable spiritual growth.

If you feel that you desperately need a tool to sort things in your head, if you accept that you want to decondition yourself of all wrong beliefs, if you think that you want to know the truth, if you want to do the mind-work in a non-sectarian and non-religious way,
you can register now for theretreat.