Benefits of Z Meditation Work

After having spent ten days at the retreat, you get a very strong and effective tool to remove the conditionings and realize a state of unconditioned peace and love. You experiecne this state in the retreat and take back with you The Way to reach there at a moment's notice.





The Profound Results when you practice Z Meditation


Practicing Z Meditation can lead to the following immediate benefits:

  • Effortless sailing in life: You now laugh at yourself that you used to consider problems as problems. They become useful opportunities of self growth.

  • Not a victim any more: You refuse to let anybody shatter your peace and fulfillment.

  • Understanding: Instead of feeling bad about the attitude of others, you rather understand the platforms from where people are behaving.

  • Inner fulfillment: You realize your fulfillment in the silence of the mind and in non-chasing.

  • Openness in relationship: You don't have to please anybody anymore. You are honest and loving and don't have fears of loss etc.

  • Beautiful Mornings: You wake up every day with a smile and look forward to Living it.

  • Compassion even for the unknowns: Your heart is full of love. It is Love now and not doting or attachment.

  • No judging: You prefer understanding to criticizing and judging. You understand that the latter is very harmful for your happiness.

  • Peace: You don't get angry or frustrated anymore. Sometimes, you may need to show anger, which is like a line drawn on the surface of water. It vanishes in no time.

  • Control: You are not impulsive and have perfect control over your timings.

  • No arguments: You don't need to or want to prove anything to anybody. You are not defensive anymore.

  • No Superiority: You are so busy in self growth that you don't have to time to think what others are thinking about you.

  • No Inferiority: You understand that money or status or power or cars or houses or jobs have nothing to do with the state of fulfillment. If you have them, it is OK. If you don't, it is also OK.

  • Health: It is not only your mental health, it is also your physical health also that improves and you don't have to go to doctors anymore.

  • Happiness: You give yourself ten on ten on happiness and fulfillment as you do what you ought to and you don't do what you don't ought to.

  • Sleep: You sleep like a log and work like a horse. In short, you are a very happy person.



When the mind is thus happy, you deserve to experience the eternal truth that your true identity is divine and blissful. You are the purest eternal awareness. Birth and death are mere notions. Coming into being and ceasing to be never happens to you. You have nothing to do with the relative. You are yourself the Absolute.





Do want to get this state of freedom and peace and happiness? Are you ready to put in sincere effort? If yes, do the Simple Awareness exercsie and watch a few videos of deep sharing and deconditioning inquiry. This will help in clearing the remaining weeds in the work of internal prioritization.

Z Experience during the retreat from 6th to 28th Feb 2009

This is what Nicola wrote on the last day of her retreat.

My resolutions

1) To continually challenge my dreams; to root out any remaining conditionings and give them the full reality check.

2) To be kind to myself when I forget the truth but to always come back to it and keep doing my best to stay on the right path.

3) To prioritize my growth and development over all else, even when others get hurt or disappointed by me.

4) To exercise love and compassion for all without creating attachments ant to accept everyone’s compulsive traits.

5) To break down any lingering attachments to people for the sake of my freedom.

6) To remind myself at least once a day that I=C and to refuse to be forced off course by thoughts about jobs, finances, the approval of others or my lack of husband and children.

7) To exercise balance in my recreation and to always make sure I get enough sleep.

8) To cut out alcohol initially for 3 months until I am sure I can simply have one glass of wine with dinner should I choose to.

9) To think more carefully about what I put in my body so that I am always reinforcing my love for myself – nutritious fresh food, organic when possible; medication only when essential.

10) To structure my days to allow adequate time for meditation, yoga and conscious contemplation.

11) To walk more – and do it mindfully.

12) To balance the time I spend reading fiction with reading literature that will support my growth and development.

13) To ensure I get solitude regularly.

14) To build effective fences where necessary to ensure the wrong company does not stunt my growth.

15) To carefully seek out like-minded people perhaps via meditation or yoga classes or other spiritual courses.

16) To dramatically reduce my spend on material items such as clothes and cosmetics and to donate some of this to those whose need is greater than mine.

17) To have fun – to laugh and spend time in a creative activity such as drawing or writing regularly.

18) To never forget that I now know the truth and my peace and fulfillment is simply a matter of choice.

Nicola, UK