Z Meditation Retreats amidst the serene Himalayas in India


"An absolutely eye opening and wonderful experience for me.

"The beauty of the Z Meditation is that it is just so easy.

"It is easy to understand and easy to introduce into your life.

"It is providing you with a set of tools that you can use the rest of your life."

Tiffany, USA



"The most remarkable experience in my entire life"

Keiran, Australia



An Incredible Awakening

Experiences of the May 2015 students




The Purest Experience of Freedom

in the retreat of April-May 2013

Kimberly Loes
Isabelle Liv



This is the most wholesome, pure and freeing experience of meditation in India.


Before you go through the website, may I ask you to close your eyes for a while and ask yourself a few important questions:

Am I happy? Am I living a fulfilled life? Am I doing what I really love to do?
Do I feel that there is something missing in my life? Is my life free from pain?

Many of us will realize that we want a positive change? Something appears to be missing, but it is difficult to know, what. We have unconsciously made certain choices in the past that have led to the current state of being. We have the option of eradicating suffering and emptiness from our lives. Awareness, Bliss and Freedom are not merely a few esoteric words. We can experience them as our real nature. If we genuinely wish to experience this state of liberty, Z Meditation can be the way to this big change.



Z Meditation Center Dharamsala

The abode of freedom


Z Meditation is a systematic and thorough work of inquiring into the veracity of the beliefs that plague the mind and cause so much suffering. These conditionings reside in the unconscious areas of the mind. They can be known and dealt with provided there is sincere desire to do the same.

Z Meditation courses are 10+5-day silent programs organized at Dharamsala in India. In the first 10 days, you learn how to free your mind from the untrue beliefs and achieve a state of unconditioned happiness. In the last 5 days, you go very deep inside and realize your identity with the Self – a state of eternal blissful awareness. After reaching this purest state of being, you will go back home with a tool that you need to practice daily in order to keep the experience of freedom shining.

Jacqui, Australia


Z Meditation is one of the most effective courses for dealing with suffering and restlessness. You will realize that you cannot segregate your spiritual life from your so-called real life. They are one and the same. The concepts that you practice during meditation need to be followed in all your interactions as well. In the following two videos, you will learn how to gain spiritual benefit from the experience of sickness and pain.


There should not be sickness and pain: Is it true?

Let us contemplate with Charlotte.


Part I Part II



In order to go deep within yourself, you must have sufficient time available to you. It is not possible to attain freedom without deep contemplation and that requires leisure. If you happen to be impatient and want a quick-fix solution, you will not be able to bring about necessary changes in your mindset. Just surfing the spiritual websites or spiritual places is not adequate. All fulfillment and happiness exist within you. There is a goldmine located within your heart. You will need to dive deep. Very deep!

The experience of freedom


Part I Part II




Logistics of the Retreat



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"This place is absolutely amazing. There is a 360 degrees view of the Himalayas. It is just heaven."

"I had the most wonderful meditations I have ever had. I have never meditated so well."


Robert, Canada



"I couldn't expect this...
"I had not expected to learn as much as I have learned.
"I expected it to be tough, but I didn't expect it to be as hard work as it was.
"It was fun work. It was good work. But it was hard work. And I am very grateful for that.."

Cecilia, Sweden



If you have a sincere desire to free the mind of its clutter, feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A few more beautiful experiences of Z Meditation Retreats:




April_2015_1 April_2015_2
April_2015_3 Sumaya


John Bettina
Adrian Vincee
x y


 May your life be filled with truth, love, peace and freedom.


Love and Blessings

Ajay Kapoor