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Books on Meditation: Simple Meditation Work for Profound Results

The following five books are only for advanced meditators — those whose minds are already free from agitations and who just require deep pointers to stay in the state of freedom. These five books form the essence of the spiritual wisdom gained over ages by all the masters, all over the world. When you are sincerely practicing for some time and your mind has already got stabilized in peace and awareness, you sometimes don’t want to read lengthy books. You just need small sentences for deep contemplation. Reading, closing the eyes and contemplating – this is what you like doing as it helps in gaining absorbed integration. These books are meant to serve this purpose only.

For those who still find hard to control their minds, it is recommended that the three books given on this page may first be studied and assimilated.

In each of the following books, there are just one or two sentences for contemplation on each page. You study only one page at a time and contemplate on its profound meaning and implications for your life. Then you carry this truth with you to your workplace and try to live according to the insights gained in your contemplation.

Please download one book at a time and contemplate on it deeply. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


When you are able to surrender all your fixations and realize freedom, how do you feel? When you experience oneness, how do you feel? When you live in unconditioned peace and love, how do you feel?
This book explains the state of meditation. In the hour of meditation, you give up the distinction between meditation and non-meditation. You carry this experience of the absolute in your day-to-day life. How do you do it and what goes on in the mind that is established in the absolute – this can be studied and practiced from this book. Ajay is sharing his experiences and he believes that all of us are already there – we just need to give up certain imaginations.

I look forward to what I used to be scared of.

People change only when they want to.

Koans – Meditation Sutras

Koans are riddle statements, meant to invoke the deepest thinking about the Truth. You need to have all the leisure in the world in order to benefit from the practice of the Koans. This is the supreme luxury that can give you lasting bliss.
While practicing Koans, please contemplate on each and every word of the sentence. You will be said to have mastered a Koan when you attain absolute stillness on hearing only one word. That is, for example, when you hear ‘The Sun’, this will transport your mind to the realm of infinity, eternity and universality. It is just not the Sun that will come to your mind, it will, in addition, be the roots of the Sun that are arising from the Universal Intelligence that is the source of the entire creation. Reaching there, your own identity will vanish and the only experience left will be that of blissful surrender.
One Koan a day – keeps contemplating; keep contemplating until the contemplation itself is dropped.

KOAN: Frogs in the well!

KOAN: Good waves! Bad waves!

KOAN: Blind leading the blind!

KOAN: Whence the nosie?

Self Inquiry

When one starts seeing straight, i.e., when the gaze is fixed in the unity of the creation, one still needs to keep doing the meditation practice so that the serpent of forgetfulness does not raise its hood again. Self Inquiry is meant to keep one on one’s toes.
As soon as a thought arises in the mind, a meditator needs to discriminate between the real and the unreal. If it is arising from the ‘real and truthful’ roots, it’s OK. But if it is arising from imaginary stories, one has to discard it as poison. This book will help you do this Self Inquiry. In the end, it will lead you to a state of absolute silence; blissful awareness and freedom. Using the highest thoughts about the Self, you will be able to transcend thinking.

Self Inquiry: The distance is imaginary

Self Inquiry: All bubbles have only one goa

Mantras – The Transport of Freedom

Mantras are Truth Statements. What they denote can be experienced by one and all. You need to practice deep meditation on them and you will reach there in no time.
What is the Truth? Is it relative or absolute? Well, The Truth is that that can be experienced by anybody, at any point of time and at any place in the universe. It does not change with time or place or the nature of the experiencer. The only requirement for realizing the Truth is that one should do the experiments objectively. The moment you bring in your inbuilt programs and start doing right-wrong judgments, you cannot get to the Truth. Eventually, the experimenting itself will be dropped and you will realize an absolute silence.
Before judging, ask yourself, how do I know?

Mantra: Inevitability of change is unchangeable.

Mantra: One seed. Infinite formations.

True or False

This book is meant to question certain conditionings that are ingrained in the minds of people. Most of us follow others like sheep following each other – without thinking, without questioning. When you take up a question for contemplation from this book, you will need to go to the roots of your thinking. You will need to find out all those long-established notions that you take to be real. Then, you will contemplate on them and find out for yourself if they are true or not.
For studying ‘True or False’, you will have to be very open-minded and courageous. Your objectivity will be tested to its extreme.

Fulfillment of desires leads to fulfillment.

My watch is right. True or False?