Why do we get angry?

what is meditation?

The purpose of meditation is to get an irrevocable understanding and experience of the SELF, the blissful eternal awareness. Meditation begins with the knowledge of the principles governing the mind. It progresses toward the state of Blissfully Free Existence through contemplation on these principles. Right contemplation involves chewing and digesting. It makes the principles run in one’s veins and arteries. As contemplation progresses, transcendence is experienced – transcendence of one’s own mind. In this state, the experience of the Absolute Awareness as one’s true identity is attained.

Meditation is a science – of the internal nature. The principles of meditation are called Truths because, like any other scientific study, they can be demonstrated through right experimentation. These Truths are eternally and universally undeniable. Those who try to argue against their validity don’t know what they are arguing for or against. They have extremely shallow understanding as the perspectives used to arrive at this understanding are very flippant.

Meditation is an objective as well as subjective science. It is objective because its results are globally experientiable. It is subjective because it involves the growth of your understanding and views; and most people here are so attached to theirs that they don’t accept that any such growth is possible. Even when some of them appear to be accepting, it is mostly a lip-service only.

Meditation involves straightening the priorities and having one-pointed clarity about the goal. It implies the acceptance of the understanding that the state of Absolute Blissful Awareness is the highest possibility for a human being. It requires opening oneself to objective experimentation. That, in turn, demands the willingness to overcome the obstacles – especially the internal ones. The internal obstacles are one’s mental formations in the form of beliefs, expectations and desires etc. Most of the people in the world don’t associate meditation with the growth of the mind in this sense. They take it to be a concentration, or at the most, an awareness module that one can practice without bringing about any change in life. This is absolutely an absurd notion.

Meditation is outgrowing the previous self view and world view and accepting truthful and peaceful views instead. Who is it that one can and should learn this science from? You can look for the following qualities in a meditation teacher. If he is himself walking the talk, his very presence will be inspiring and uplifting.

  • Freedom from all dependence and desires.
  • Peace more important than anything else.
  • Equanimity in painful situations.
  • Equanimity in pleasurable situations.
  • Freedom from expectations.
  • Freedom from the notion of possession.
  • Freedom from fear and anger.
  • Freedom from lust and attachment.
  • Indifference to the worldly opinions.
  • Sense organs totally indrawn.
  • Freedom from status consciousness.
  • Freedom from seeking company.
  • Lack of aversion to worldly people.
  • Lack of attraction for worldly people.
  • Contentment from all possible causes of general restlessness.
  • Loving his own dharma and allowing people to follow their dharma.
  • Understanding that people can be different and therefore giving them space for growing.
  • Unconditioned kindness and understanding for one and all.
  • Firmness of understanding and indifference to the general contrary opinions.
  • Regular meditation.
  • Shining awareness in all his undertakings.
  • Cessation of desire to share the truth with people.
  • Readiness to go out of the way to help the sincere aspirants.
  • Non violence in thought, word and deed.
  • Constant remembrance of the reality and living it in thought word and deed.
  • Respect for all the paths and teachers.

Sri Ramakrishna used to say, “Test your teacher during the day. Test your teacher during the night.” We also say the same. And once you have found your spiritual teacher, who you think can help you realize your highest possibility, follow him fully. Listen to his instructions carefully and try your best to live up to them. We pray that you may soon find your spiritual teacher.