DeConditioning Inquiry

DeConditioning Inquiry

Brief Introduction of DeConditioning Inquiry

There is a term in Sanskrit ‘Maya’. It means illusion – wrong beliefs or conditionings. They say that most people in the world are living in illusion. There is no better place to see this fact than the retreats of Z Meditation. There are so many wrong beliefs that people have. Everybody suffers because of them. These beliefs are directly contrary to reality of the world – that is why they are wrong. They are wrong because they are not factual. People – while seeing others – wish to see that their beliefs come true. But when they apply them to themselves, they are found lacking in sincerity.

It is possible to come out these illusions through contemplation and meditation. One needs to be objective and honest in doing the work. We have seen students of Truth blossoming with sheer joy when they are able to understand and give up their illusions. It is an experience that in incomparable to any other in the world. It is the experience of absolute freedom.

See for yourself what happens when you detach yourself from your conditionings.

Part- 1

Part- 2

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