Meditation in India: Where to go for meditation in India?

Meditation in India: Where to go for meditation in India?

There are numerous place for learning and doing meditation in India. India is the mother of all of the meditation practices widespread in these modern times. A lot of religions such as Jainism, Buddhism, Sikhism and so forth had their origin in India. They continue to be thriving here and have given many great spiritual instructors. Before we check out which is a good place of meditating in India, let us initially comprehend the different type of meditation practices.

The practices of meditation in India could be split up into 4 broad categories. Based upon the built-in inclinations of the practitioners, they could select the path which is most suitable for their spiritual growth :

  • Path of Devotion in which a devotee’s practice helps him develop trust and love of God.
  • Path of Selfless work in which one’s practice consists in developing selfless compassion for one and all. One sees to it that one’s actions are not motivated by any selfish desires for name, fame, gain etc.
  • Path of Passive Awareness in which one practices being aware of the sensations and sense perceptions.
  • Path of Knowledge in which one tries to comprehend the concepts about the mind and the Self in order to realize the absolute Truth – the Self.

In case you are someone who is much motivated toward the Path of Knowledge, i.e., comprehending the nature of the Self as well as the mind, Z Meditation Center could be a perfect place to suit your needs. Z Meditation Center is located in Dharamsala in the Himalayan state of Himachal Pradesh. It really has been the abode of extremely deep meditation practice for a large number of genuine seekers from all around the world. The path pursued here is referred to as Deep De-conditioning Inquiry. The learners master to dig out their unpleasant stories as well as practice the Radiant Mantras to be able to experience their true Self.

Ajay as well as Suruchi, the co-founders of Z Meditation, are always thankful to the Cosmos for providing them this chance to support the suffering humankind with this genuine work. If you think you are ready to let go of your fake beliefs and stories, they would be extremely happy to assist you apply the same process. This work demands sincerity, objectivity as well as a deep desire to developing spiritually.

Come ahead and enroll in Z Meditation in India for the best inner development. You are likely to discover a lot of invisible gems in your heart! In case you are performing some other meditation technique, you can also do a personal retreat at Z Meditation Center in India. We support all paths that result in freedom, love and peace.

Love and Blessings

The experiences of students of June-2011 Z Meditation Retreat