Purpose of Meditation

Purpose of Meditation

The sweetest and highest possibility of a human being is to live in happiness and love. But when you look around, you see that almost everybody is living far-far away from this pristine state of being. The vision of Z Meditation is to bring those who are sincere and willing back home. Those who have run far away from themselves and who want to come back to their centre may need some compassionate help, guidance and tools to be able to do so. We are here to do that. We love doing this work and we know that there is nothing else that will give us satisfaction. There is nothing else worth pursuing for us.

Coming home is possible by gaining and practicing right knowledge. It also requires letting go of the wrong knowledge. If you see a snake in a rope, you get scared. In reality, you are getting scared because of your wrong vision. The snake is not there. You are only imagining that it is there. In order to gain peace, it is imperative that you give up your illusions and acquire the right understanding. As soon as the imaginary snake disappears, you will be peaceful.

You don’t need to do anything else. Yes. You don’t need to do anything else. Just do deep contemplation and get rid of the wrong notions. Gain right knowledge. And practice sincerely. You shall obtain freedom. You will naturally become peaceful and happy. There is no need to do any difficult postures! There is no need to do any esoteric mantras; there is no need to do even those difficult visualizations. All these exercises that are taught in the name of meditation are just the initial preparatory warm-ups to gain some stability. They are helpful for the beginners as they give some firmness to the mind. But they don’t change the understanding of the practitioner. This is a different game altogether. Transforming the Understanding is The Way. Letting go the illusions is The Path.

The purpose of meditation is to gradually elevate the mind to its highest possibility of unconditioned peace and love. There are various rungs that a meditator must climb in this process. It begins with studying or listening to the right knowledge. The test of rightness is that it is experientiable and substantiable by each and everybody. If it is not and if things appear to be mysterious, there could be something wrong or very ordinary that is being taught. The highest knowledge is also the simplest one. There is nothing esoteric about it.

Having listened, one needs to deeply contemplate upon the truth. When one does that, it gets integrated with one’s life in due course. The speed of progress depends upon the sincerity of the seeker. If spiritual growth becomes one’s topmost priority in life, the destination unfolds instantly. We have seen people experiencing the higher states of consciousness within a few days of the work!

These are the various rungs of practice:

  • Freedom from wrong notions and suffering: We do it with Deep Inquiry.
  • Establishment in right understanding and unconditioned happiness: We practice the six Radiant Mantras that teach us to fully live in the moment.
  • Establishment in unconditioned love: The six Mantras help us achieve that also.
  • Experiencing the Eternal Blissful Awareness as one’s true identity: As the Inquiry deepens further in the third level, one reaches this sublime state.
  • Merging in the Absolute: All props drop in the end.

And things happen in this order only. Unless you free yourself from your illusions, you cannot be peaceful. If you are not peaceful, your happiness cannot be stable. If you are not happy, your mind will keep running after the objects that you believe will give you happiness. With this restless mind, you cannot meditate and experience Eternal Blissful Awareness as your true identity. The question of merging in the absolute does not arise if you don’t know your true identity.

At Z Meditation, you first gain the understanding of the mind. The philosophy and practice of meditation is so scientific a process that we have not yet met anybody who can refute what is taught at the retreat. It is a different thing that the acceptance differs with each individual. But even those who take some time to accept have no doubts about the veracity of the Z Philosophy.