Three days to Freedom


Z Meditation is a simple and extremely effective meditation method that helps in resolving all nagging issues of life. It is a non-sectarian work and anybody who is truly seeking peace can do it.


The tool employed in this meditation work is called Deep Deconditioning Inquiry. The students learn to systematically dig out the conditionings of the mind and thereby realize a state of unconditioned peace and love. They get a deep understanding of the mind and learn the art of detaching from the feelings and go deep within themselves. They realize that their restlessness and suffering arise from attaching with certain wrong notions (conditionings). Unless there is uninvolvement with these notions, there cannot be the blossoming of peace and happiness in life. They get a tool that is so efficacious that at a moment's notice, they can realize happiness even  in the midst of extreme external turmoil. This retreat is a huge life-altering experience as so much baggage gets removed in a matter of a few days only.


There are two possibilities of doing Z Meditation Retreat . You can either come for the extensive 10(+5)-day retreat, or, you can join the 3-day one in which you will learn the first level of this Z Meditation work. The latter is designed for those who are short of time due to life's exigencies, but are very sincere about their spiritual growth.


For knowing the details of the work, follow the pre-requisites given on this page.


How to reach Z Meditation Center, Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh


  • By Rail : - Nearest Broad Gauge Stations are Pathankot / Chakki Bank (90 Kms) and Una (100 Kms). From there, you get regular buses or taxis for Dharamsala.
  • By Air :- Kangra Airport, Gaggal 18 Kms. There are daily flights from New Delhi. We will arrange for your pick-up from the Airport.
  • By Road :-A/c and Luxury Bus Service and Taxis available from :- Delhi(510 Kms), Shimla(235 Kms), Pathankot(90 Kms) Chandigarh(260 Kms), Manali(250 Kms) and Jammu(200 Kms).

Z Meditation Center is surrounded by the majestic Himalayas. The view is astounding and the quietness is so helpful for deep meditation. The dates of all the three-day retreats for the year 2017 are:

 May 25 to 28

July 20 to 23

Aug 17 to 20 

Nov 30 to Dec 3


For the three-day retreat, these are the various possibilities of accommodations:


Z Meditation 3- Day Retreat (all inclusive)
Room with four to six students

Rs. 11000

US$ 200

Room with two students

Rs. 16000

US$ 250

Room with one student

Rs. 21000

US$ 300


What it includes:

  1. Z Meditation 3-day Retreat.
  2. Stay and food for the retreat days at Z Meditation Center.

What it does not include:

  1. Your travel expenses.
  2. All personal expenses.
  3. If you stay before or beyond, you need to pay US$ 60 for a double-room accommodation.


  1. Warm and comfortable clothes as it can be cool to cold throughout the year
  2. Woolen shawl (useful for lectures and meditation)
  3. Light walking shoes
  4. Torch
  5. Umbrella or rain coat, as it may rain any time of the year
  6. All your personal stuff
  7. And most important, an open mind